Fine Arts

Painting, Drawing, ink, you name it. I'll just paint it.

Ink, watercolor, acrylic. 18x24 
Still life
Self Portrait 18x24
Oil Sticks
Pastels, 18x24
Figure Study
Mixed Media (Pastels, Acyrlic) 24x30
Figure study
Portrait done by request.
Acrylic on Canvas 11x17
Pastels, 18x24
Figure Study
Acrylic, 18x24
Figure Study
Ink, Conte Pencil, 18x24
Figure Study
Oil Sticks, 18x24
Figure Study
Portrait of Elizabeth Olsen, Pastels 9x12
Drawn with watercolor and coffee. 5x7
City in the Rain, 11x17
Acrylic on Canvas 
Harrisburg, PA
Acrylic 18x24
Acrylic, 8x30
"Barb" Acrylic Wash, 2014, 18x20
Paper Mache, "Reader" 2014
If you're a reader, you know the beauty of books coming alive before you. 

This is a paper-mâché sculpture made from the pages in a book, stained with paint.
"Brooke" Pastels, 18x24, 2014
"Liana" Pastels, 18x24, 2014
Figure Study, Pastel and Acrylic Wash, 18x24, 2014
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