"Vertigo" Movie Props Re-design

This project was done for an Advanced Typography class for educational purposes only. The project was to design props for the movie "Vertigo" as though I was a graphic designer for the set. The movie's time period was also changed to 2016. All designs were required to have a focus on typography as the main design element.

"Vertigo" Movie Poster re-designed as though it was produced in 2016. 
Black Sun Whiskey -
Many scenes in "Vertigo" involve characters sharing a drink of whiskey. I designed Black Sun Whiskey as a ficticious whiskey company that the characters would be drinking if this movie were to take place in 2016. 
Cammy's Carnation Flower Shop -
One scene in particular of the movie "Vertigo" involves a character running into a flower show to purchase some flowers. I created this ficticious flower shop and designed what the logo would look like if this was a modern day flower shop in 2016. 
Many scenes in the movie "Vertigo" take place in the main character, Scottie's, apartment. Scottie is a male, mid-20s to early 30s private detective living in San Fransisco. I designed what someone like this might have hanging on the walls in their home in 2016. 
Ernies Bar and Grill -
A few scenes in the movie "Vertigo" take place in a resturant called Ernies. I designed what the buisness logo/sign would look like for a place like this in 2016. 
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